1. Dezember 2015

Information for my English-speaking Newlyweds


Dies ist eine Information für meine Englischsprachigen Brautpaare. Die Deutsche Übersetzung folgt oder benutzt einfach https://translate.google.com/

My dear english speaking newlyweeds: In this Blogspot I’ll give you first general information, what is important in my view, to be considered when choosing the right wedding photographer.

At the end I will describe how I photograph weddings.

Why should newlyweds book a professional photographer at the most important day of their life?

A professional photographer places a high value on the report. He knows the couple. Couples appreciate him. He is not perceived as a service rather than a good friend for the day.

My couples for example put a high priority on the images because Images and rings remain at the end of the wedding day.

But I would like to give you some general informations.

I think the bride and groom must match the photographer. Therefore, it is particularly important for newlyweds that they have a good feeling and that the photographer match the bride and groom. The sympathy must be right, because the photographer will be present in the most intimate moments, which are otherwise the witnesses and the immediate family reserved.

It is very important for newlyweds to provide the photographer some specific issues:

  • We want to see a whole wedding photojournalism please. Photographers show in the portfolio of the best images (myself inclouded) they have. For a couple it is very important to see the images of an entire wedding.
  • Provides The photographer an engagement shoot before the wedding? This is important to get to know.
  • What Is the default approach? So what happens if the photographer fails to your most important day of your life. Can he provide for replacement?
  • With how many cameras the photographer comes to the wedding? If a camera fails, it should simply continue with the backup without the couple noticed something.
  • Even the question with which camera is important because professional devices have 2 memory card slots. Here the artwork is mirrored.
  • How Many images to be delivered and these are processed in portfolio quality. This should include the less mass than the quality.
  • With How many people, the photographer takes the shoot. If he is alone, he comes with a wizard or a second shooter.
  • Finally It is very important to look at the price package for newlyweds: Are there any hidden costs? Does the bride and groom even pay any deductions separately? Many of the local portrait studios offer your bridal couples a relatively low price for a wedding reportage, then to make a large portion of its revenues from prints and photo albums in retrospect. I find this concept obsolete. So I set my price fixed in the form of a complete package in which all the wedding pictures are included in full resolution.

The couples who book me put a high priority on the images. The left over at the end of the wedding finally, what are the pictures of the wedding and rings.

The images are later memories and these are influenced by the images. Therefore: Save on the photographer means to save on your memories of your weddingday.

I hope I can contribute with this blog entry something to the photographers choice.

Now I give you some informations  about me and how I shoot Weddings:

  • To me is already before the wedding a preliminary talk important. When we first met, I date mostly with the couple an engagement shoot before the wedding. Here we get to know and are at the wedding no more strange.
  • very likely we do not live close. So it is a good idea to talk to eachother via skypecall or facetime.
  • before the wedding you will receive an e-book from me: That is a guide i wrote for better wedding pictures. And -Yes- It is translated into english.
  • At the beginning of your wedding reportage most of the time I start with the preparation of the bride and groom and accompany my bridal couples in all their other wedding day till night to celebrate.
  • We will make a couple shoot – not longer than 60minutes. During sunset I offer you a very small sunset-shooting. That takes not longer than 10 minutes. During sunset we will habe the best light of the day. Perfect time for epic shoots.
  • beneath this writing you can se an Impression of a real wedding Reportage I shoot this in June 2018.

Within the picture story of my photos I bring memories of your wedding day, moments that will always remain pictorially.








































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